Thursday, November 21, 2013

You're already winners, let's put some bling behind it!

Today I took the short version of the Dr. Phil personality test. I scored a 38.

Guess who else supposedly scored a 38?


You guys, I'm totally channeling Oprah today! I'm having my first ever giveaway. 

I'm SO excited about this, I can't even!

Okay, so here's what you can win:

They are amazing, non? 

Here's how you enter to win. From now until November 27th (the day before Thanksgiving) at midnight EST, you get one entry for each of the following: comment on this blog with anything polite, like my Daily Dose of Dahl Facebook page, like the Friends with Flair page, follow my page on either networked blogs or Blogger.  As a bonus, anyone that you bring to my page or the Friends with Flare page that likes it and comments 'giveaway entry via. (your name) will get both you and your friend an entry. Simple as pie right? 

Many, many thanks to Monica Hamilton for being willing to sponsor this amazing giveaway. Make sure you guys go check our her page because she does rings, bracelets, and necklaces too! All hand crafted by her. 

I might actually go and get my ears pierced again since my holes decided to close up after 30 years. 

Okay people! Get to entering!

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