Tuesday, November 12, 2013

...and how was YOUR weekend?

For T's birthday, my dad bought him a BB gun. Tucker got to shoot for the first time during a Boy Scout camping trip in October and loved it, so it was perfect timing.

We spent the weekend in Winston, so Dad set up a place for Tucker to practice. Both Dad, Robert, and Tucker are naturally good shots. 

Me? Wellllll............ I did at least hit the target sort of kind of near where I was aiming, but my depth perception is wonky on a good day, so I should be grateful for small things. But it was a LOT of fun. 

After Tucker got bored with shooting and he and Dad went back inside, Robert and I stayed outside and practiced for a little while longer. And when I say practiced, I practiced and Robert perfected. We had so many holes in the target, I couldn't tell which ones were mine and which ones were already there. So I started trying to shoot the where the target ended and the cardboard began. Since it was a breezy day, we had the tape roll hanging from the cardboard to give it some weight. I hit the paper, and I hit the cardboard, but I never hit the exact place where I thought I was aiming.

But Robert? He decided to see if he could hit the actual strip of tape. 

I'd say that pretty much covers it. 

Sara had opted to go to a football game with Mom and Richard, so she missed all the target practice but didn't seem to care. I mean, come on? Cheerleaders versus target practice? No contest for our resident diva. 

Monday, Robert, the kids, and I went to see the new Thor movie. I liked it, Robert and Tucker loved it and Sara tolerated it because she got to have popcorn. She did admit it wasn't as scary as she expected, which was awesome. Because when she gets scared at a movie, she shrieks. Like a girl. 

Oh, wait...

And here's a random picture of scenery. North Carolina is such a beautiful state. 

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