Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Apparently I am a taxi service

I am constantly pointing out to the kids that I am NOT their: maid, chauffeur, personal butler, taxi service, personal chef, etc, etc...

Lately Tucker and I are having issues in the morning. He will get up fairly easily, but he will drag his feet and waste time until he misses the bus. And I probably wouldn't mind except that it's just so much easier for him to take the bus. The parking lot at his school is a joke in the mornings. And not a very funny one. The kind of joke that makes you want to drop kick puppies and slash through rainbows while using monster boots to stomp on the cars and idiots that apparently cannot understand that pick-up/drop-off lane does not mean park and hang out lane. I can see how easily the two could be confused ::eye roll::.

Anyway. I was really just kidding about drop kicking puppies. I would never do that. Other drivers, probably. Puppies, never.

Anyway again.

The best I can figure is that Tucker wants to be driven to school so he can play his 3DS in the car. He gets plenty of time to do this (my opinion), so the 15-20 minute ride to school shouldn't be that much of a sacrifice. And, when he gets all pissy about not being able to play his 3DS, that's a pretty good sign that he needs less time with it. Even if he is just about to defeat General Grievous.

So I came up with a great idea last week when I was motivated by my complete inability to exist anywhere other than the couch or my bed.

I am going to charge Tucker to take him to school. Tucker hates....HATES....to spend his own money on something he feels is unnecessary, so this should be a win-win. He'll get to keep his money, I won't have to deal with the elementary school parking lot.

This morning, he comes downstairs, dressed and ready with 15 minutes to spare. He turns on the TV. I give him a 10 and 5 minute warning. The time comes to relocate from TV land to bus stop land and he's not moving. I open the front door and stand there saying, "Come on, T. If I have to drive you today it will cost you."

No response.

I can hear the bus coming down the street. "Tucker! Here comes the bus. Let's GO!"

He hops up. "But I have to go to the bathroom!" And he runs into the bathroom and goes.


He comes out as the bus drives by and slows down at the bus stop. He could still make it. I practice looking unconcerned and nonchalant.

No shoes, no coat, no back pack.

No way is he going to make the bus this morning.

I hear the bus start to leave the bus stop. I probably could have stopped her, but would that really be helping Tucker out in the long run?

Tucker comes flying to the door trying to put on his shoes. I let him run past me, down the sidewalk and see that the bus was leaving him behind. In all honesty, he didn't look that upset.

He comes back in and says, "I missed it."

I reply, "I know."

T: "Guess you have to drive me to school now."

Me: "Guess you need to pay me $3 to take you."


Me: "Because you had plenty of time this morning and you could have chosen to take the bus for free, but you didn't. Now I have to spend a half hour or more taking you to school and my time is valuable, too."

T: But you're my MOM. You're supposed to take me to school.

Me: Had we overslept, had I not given you 10 and 5 minute warnings, had we not talked about this last week, then yes. I'd take you for free. But you chose to watch TV this morning instead of doing what you needed to do. So now you have to pay me to take you. And trust me, I'm a lot faster and cheaper than a taxi.

T: AARRRRRGGGGGGGH. FINE! ::Stomps upstairs and comes back with $3.:: HERE! HERE IS YOUR STUPID $3.

Me: Awesome. Let's go.

I take him to school and as he gets out of the car he asks me if he's going to get his money back.  HAHAHAHAHAAAHAHAA!

I explain that he can earn it back by doing extra stuff for me around the house. And just by being awesome.

His response? He gets out of the car and slams door and stomps off.

Guess he doesn't feel like being awesome.

But I bet he feels like catching the bus in the morning.


Christie said...

Been there, done that, and made Brett walk to school. He thought he could get the principal to yell at me for making him walk. Instead she told him she would have made him walk too

Samantha said...

Awesome! I've also been taking money away from my kids for certain behaviors. And it really works. In fact, a couple of nights ago, I had to laugh when I checked on Ben before I went to bed. He had his piggy bank in bed with him under the covers. This was after I had to take 50 cents away for improper behavior right before bedtime.

Daily Dose of Dahl said...

Christie, that is great that I'm not alone in this! And double awesome that your principal backed you up. But I've gotta know...was once enough or has he made the walk of shame again?

Daily Dose of Dahl said...

Samantha - that's too funny about Ben! But you have to do whatever works, you know?

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