Thursday, November 3, 2011

No Cookies for YOU!

Everything started off so well today.

I got up, made the bed, washed or brushed all the important things (no point in a shower since I was heading to work out), got the kids up, dressed, and fed.  I dropped Tucker off at school and Sara and I headed to the Y. I saw my friend Kristine for the first time this week and managed to finally give her the birthday card I got her just under a month ago. I had a great workout and after a quick stop back at the house, Sara and I headed for a much overdue trip to the commissary. 

The commissary trip was going so well. I had my coupons organized and everything. Sara was being awesome, very patiently waiting to go by the bakery counter and see if she could get a free cookie. 

We got to the bakery counter and my least favorite worker was back there. Of the three we see back there, she seems to be the least kid-centric. The deal with the kids and I over the free cookies is this: the sign has to be posted, they have to ask politely for the cookie themselves, they absolutely have to say thank you without being prompted, and the bakery is our last stop before we check out.

The sign was up and we were done shopping, so we walked up to the counter. Every third or fourth trip, I buy something from the bakery too, mostly because adults don't get free cookies. ::Sad face::

The lady asked what I wanted, I ordered, and Sara asked for a cookie. The lady didn't respond or give her one, so I just thought she didn't hear Sara. So, I asked for her and was told that they didn't have the free cookies today. Which, really, if you think about it, isn't it kind of odd for a bakery to be out of cookies by 11 am?

Sara, who really has behaved so patiently until this point collapses to the floor and starts to cry. She has a point, the free cookie sign was posted. I know it's not the end of the world if she doesn't get a cookie, but it wouldn't have killed least-friendly-bakery lady to be a little more gentle about it. Or to have taken the sign down when the cookies ran out, failed to appear, or ceased to be an option.

I tell Sara that we'll figure something else out and ask her to please stop crying. She gets up off the floor and we move on even though she's still upset. I feel for her, I really do.

I offer instead to let her choose a Lunchable because hey, if you can't kill your kids with sugar, why not with processed lunch meats and sodium?!? Yay! Everybody wins!

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