Wednesday, November 2, 2011

His Name is Earl

The other morning, Tucker asked me what I looked like as a teenager.

As it happens, I have a pretty decent sized photo album with plenty of pictures of me as a teenager.

Usually, the kids will just flip through pictures really quickly. Probably because I'm the one who suggests sitting down with them to look at photos, but still...

But this day, they took their time and asked lots of questions.

Sara couldn't believe that I had long hair.

Tucker just wanted to see what everyone used to look like.

My parents are divorced and have both remarried. So Sara and Tucker thought it was hilarious that I had a couple pictures of my parents when they were married. I'm not quite sure they get the idea of first marriages yet.

Then we saw a picture of my brother - circa the very early 90's.

Tucker: Who is THAT?

Me: That's Uncle B.

Tucker: Where?
Sara: Uncle B? Where?

Me: Right there.

Tucker: He used to have hair?!?

Me: (grinning broadly) yes, he used to have hair.

Tucker: He looks like "My Name is Earl"


The mullet. The great 80's equalizer.

If you know my brother, this post is way funnier.

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