Monday, January 7, 2013

Things I'm going to miss most about Illinois

These are in no particular order!

Roads that make sense
Flat roads when biking
My Zumba instructors
My Zumba classmates/friends/partners in crime
Sweet Katie Bee's
the staff at Scott Elementary School
my friends
Motomart. I have no idea why I'm going to miss a gas station/convenience store, but I'm pretty sure the ice has something to do with it.
Margarita's in Belleville
54th Street's gringo dip and veggie burger. On second thought - it might be good that I'm leaving that behind.
downtown Mascoutah
downtown Belleville
downtown O'Fallon
the O'Fallon Y
Monika and Amy from Nirvana Salon
the Running Start
the Egg and I
Zion Lutheran Church
girl's night out
Bunco night
the sunset from my backyard
Midwestern kindness
living on a base
only being 5-6 hours from my in laws
the parks
being so close to the library
Parent's night out
Dos Gordito's margaritas after Zumba with Megan
being able to buy liquor at Walmart if I so desire
not having to deal with heavy traffic
being able to watch an air show from my driveway
Cub Scout Troop #21
Becky Kearn's dance studio
local farmer's markets

I know that's not even close to everything, but hey - it's early.

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