Saturday, March 5, 2016

Exploring Minot

When we lived in Asheville I had two years and a grand plan to explore and take pictures, then blog about it. It never really happened. I became a bit of a hermit (still don't regret it),  and when the four of us left Asheville for good, it was with much more relief than regret.

But, that was then, and this is now. (Hello, nice to meet you, I will be your Captain. Captain Obvious, obviously.)

I love living in Minot. So today we took advantage of the unseasonably warm weather (58!!!!!) and explored downtown a little. I even had my camera! So, without further ado, here's a little Minot for you!
Sara was in the mood to have her picture taken, so I took advantage. 

A man comfortable in his own skin will carry his daughter's purse if she asks him to. 

Love the colors in this one!

Looks like a place to revisit minus the kids!

Downtown Minot. I love old buildngs!

We found a cookie shop! 

How can you not take a picture of something like this?

I think this is my favorite shot of the day. I have no idea why, though. 

More buildings

A hearse. Just because it was there and I had a camera. 

Heading back home. There's also a lot of nothing around here. 

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