Sunday, May 10, 2015

Moving right along...

After two years in our rental house, we recently moved into an apartment. Our lease was up and the home owners decided they were going to move back into the home. We knew this was coming a year ago, it's just a little shocking how quickly the year passed.

Now, I'm a born procrastinator. It's true, I own it. But the housing market where we live is nuts. If you can find a house that has features you want, in the location you want (or at least can accept), and within your budget range, you'd better jump on it. If you hesitate even one second, that house is rented before you can sign your name on the application.

When we first knew we were moving to this area, I think there were 30 or so houses available that we perused. This year? Three. And two of those were kinda sketchy looking. So, we started to look at apartments. To our great surprise, we found one we really liked that also had a 3 bedroom available right away. The property managers were great when we met them and the complex has a lot of amenities *and no yard work*. Apparently the stars were aligned correctly, because BAM! Here we are, all moved in with very few glitches in the process. This is almost unheard of for us. It's almost too good to be true...

And then R got notice that PCS orders were pending. Where are we headed? North Dakota. North Dakota is a looooong way from here.


So now we get to start the whole process over, only from 1600 miles away. I can't decide if this is my reward or my punishment for not procrastinating.

New beginnings are always good, right?

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