Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Changes are a'comin!

I've been thinking a lot in the past year about what to do with this blog.  I started it when we were stationed overseas as a way to let everyone know what we were doing. It was easier than writing the same thing in multiple emails and, I wouldn't be obsessively checking my inbox for replies. What can I say, sometimes I want and need some validation. Hahaha...but seriously...

The kids are older now and T, especially, hasn't wanted too much shared on the blog about his life in the last few years. I completely understand that and respect his decision.

S is disappointed that she's not famous yet. ::snort::

And then there has been the occasional, resulting drama. I love to write. I still love to write. I understand that everyone has (and is entitled to) an opinion. I know that sometimes I will and sometimes I won't agree with people's opinions. But a couple of things have happened along the way and those things made me think really carefully about what I'm doing here.

The thought that I've really and truly hurt someone's feelings affects me deeply. I would never, ever want to hurt someone with my words or actions -whether friend, family, or stranger. I take that stuff seriously. I also resent my words being taken and twisted into something they aren't meant to be. It offends me and it hurts my feelings, especially if it isn't possible to have an honest, grown up conversation about it afterwards.

So, now what? I haven't finished a post since September or October on this blog, even though I've started about 50. I've lost my motivation somewhere along the way. Until now, this blog was my family's story. But now, I think maybe it's time to tell MY story.

I hope all of you will come and visit...frequently. Thank you for reading over the years. I hope you will find the new Daily Dose of Dahl just as engaging as the 'old' one.

Happy 2015!



Terri F. said...

I've enjoyed reading your blog this past year. I hope you do continue!

Brooke said...

Thanks, Terri! That means the world to me!

Amy Marie Schaefer said...

Telling your story fearlessly is very, very empowering. I love you and am here for you every single step of the way.


Brooke said...

Thank you so much, Amy. I am so grateful for people like you. And, in case you didn't know, you are such an inspiration!

Brenda Brandon-Blair said...

Love you Brooke no matter what you say our how you say it..just honest and I love it!

Brooke said...

Thank you Brenda! <3